How to edit your Aquarium photos

Editing photos is a very popular method of both correction and enhancement. It has only officially become available publicly recently due to programs like Photoshop and window’s editor. Editing your photos can make a huge difference in what the end result looks like, it is nice to have the photos replicate what we see with our own eyes and not what the camera perceives. It will also spice up the colour and definition making for something truly spectacular.  
First of all you will need an editing software program, there are countless free examples on the web, but I use Adobe Photoshop because it is truly amazing. For those who have little communication with technology or do not often edit photo’s, windows vista comes with a basic photo editing program that can be accessed when you view photos.
Below are the major steps that you should be able to follow in any program:


  1. Open the photo in the editing software, be sure to scale it to the right size before you begin, allowing you to see the whole picture.editing aquarium photo
  2. From here you want to look at image adjustments, (photoshop, click image > adjustments > brightness/contrast) the first and most useful if brightness and contrast. Contrast is a photographers best friend, be sure to raise this enough until the photo has more depth, don’t push it up too high that the picture looks fake but just enough until it suites.
  3. If the picture looks slightly dark or light, adjust this accordingly with the lightness/darkness slider.
  4. fishkeeping photo editing
  5. Next you will want to address the colours. Open, Hue/saturation or Colours menu on some programs. The colour temperature or ‘hue’ can be changed mildly to resemble what the original fish or tank looked like. If the picture is slightly dull slide up the saturation bar just a smidge to strengthen the colours. how to edit photos
  6. Auto functions of most programs will also give you good results. Auto contrast, colour and levels can make a big difference.
  7. For those with photoshop a great way to increase the sharpness of the image is to use a high pass method. Duplicate the background layer, then click Filter > Other > High Pass... Then choose radius of 10.0 pixels.
  8. It should turn the image a grey colour, go back to the layers toolbar and select the background copy, then from the dropdown menu just above it choose Hard Light.
  9. Then decide the opacity, this will choose the sharpness. Anywhere from 20-80% is usually the best. The finished image:

finished product after editing

If you havent already, check out this neat article on how to take aquarium & fish photo's.

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