How to take Photographs of your Fish & Aquarium

This is one of the most frustrating things when it comes to aquarium fish. They look great through the glass and all, but when it comes time to take a photograph it is a lot harder than what people may think.
Expensive and fancy camera gear is not needed, the tips below will show you how to get some top shots of your fish and make you look like a professional photographer.

aquarium and aquascape photos

The most common problem with fish photography is the flash and the blurred fish. If we decide to use a flash it will give us a still photo of the fish but it will probably look terrible and the glass may have reflected off the tank, ruining the photograph. If you don’t use a flash you will probably have a very hard time trying to keep the fish still and take a photo that is not completely blurred due to the constant moving fish. Below are some pointers that will hopefully set you on your way to taking some great photographs.


  • First of all take heaps of photos, todays digital camera means you can take hundreds upon hundreds and then choose the few that you like and delete the to take photo of fish
  • If you decide to use a flash make sure you have the light on your aquarium on to reduce ambient shadows.
  • When using the flash you will need to take a picture from a slight off-centre angle, if you are taking it pointing directly at the glass your picture will be spoiled by the reflection of the flash.
  • Using a flash may give you a clearer photo but the colour tone is usually somewhat off, be sure to check out editing photos on the side menu.
  • Also try some photos without a flash, the tips are below.


  • The benefit of not using a flash is that you will take a photo with more natural lighting and better colours. It also means the photo can be taken directly at the glass.
  • The problem is movement, even a tiny bit of movement from the hand or the fish will ruin the photo.close up of tetra's
  • The first way to come around this photo is make your tank as bright as possible, shine a very bright light into your tank as this will increase your shutter speed.
  • The next way is too increase your ISO. If you have an SLR or a digital, on the manual setting you should be able to set the ISO setting, about 800 is higher than normal and allows more light into the photo. This will slightly decrease quality but at the same time should give you a still shot.
  • Give your fish some food, if you can get it in one constant location it may make it easier to take the photo. Try to snap it when it is not moving as much, if not, it is all hit and miss.


  • beautiful impressive aquascapePhotos of the Aquarium can look great, but there are a few key points that will lead to a good photo and will ultimately determine the bad ones.
  • First of all, take alot of photos, todays digital camera means you can take hundreds upon hundreds and then choose the few that you like and delete the rest.
  • For aquariums the most important is angle, taking a photo straight on will give little to no perspective and you will wonder why your tank looks great in real life but not in your to photograph your aquarium
  • The key is to take it slightly below and to the side of the aquarium, this way it gives both depth and height, tricking the eye and making the image much more visibly pleasing.
  • Dont use a flash, nothing should be moving so you should be fine for a slower photo, just try not to move the camera when you take it.
  • Stop the filter and cover any pipes/heaters. If the filter is stopped the surface should almost look like a mirror from underneath and makes a great photo.
  • Be sure to remove all mechanical what-not as this can ruin a natural photograph.
  • Try different zooms and crops until you find one which you like the best.

Following these simple steps will give you some great photos for your desktop backgrounds and to send to your friends, but before you do, check out the editing article located HERE, it will make your pictures come to life.

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