Ornaments are the biggest part of an aquascape. You may be saying, isn’t it the plants? Well, yes and no. The plants only provide the natural look but the real heart of the scape is provided by carefully placed wood and rocks. Anything that is unusual, very branchy wood or jagged striped rocks are the most appealing to an audience. Follow these major tips below.

  • Wood – The branchier the better, no one wants to see half a stump lying in a fish tank it has no appeal. Wood with unusual bends and fronds is also perfect for applying moss and plants. An interesting idea is to have the wood coming down into the tank like in nature, instead of the traditional rising up. driftwood within the aquarium

If you collect wood yourself you MUST make sure to boil it over and over and let it sit in a tub for a few weeks to remove tannins. These will stain your water an ugly brown and change your ph. “driftwood” is what you want, it has been exposed to the elements and most of the nasties will be gone, if you buy it from a store be sure to wash it to remove any chemical bleaches they may have applied.

Rocks – Rocks are another great addition, sometimes rocks and wood go hand in hand and other times not. It is important to only choose natural coloured rocks, although red desert rock looks great, when placed in the tank it draws too much attention and turns out to be quite ugly. Softer colours like black, grey, and deep browns are the best. Before putting the rock into the water make sure it will not react and make the water harder. The best way to do it is to put vinegar on it and check if it bubbles, if it does..... don’t risk it.a rock in the aquarium aesthetic aquascape









  • Gravel – Natural coloured gravel and white and black gravel give the best results. For nice coloured fish, black will bring out the colours but for a lighter aquascape white will prove to be better. Play around.

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