Amano Shrimp


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Amano shrimp are freshwater invertebrates popular to the aquarium hobby. The name 'Amano Shrimp' is derived from the famous hobbyist Takashi Amano. Takashi Amano frequently uses these shrimp in his setup. Amano Shrimp add visual appeal and are excellent algae eaters in the aquarium. Amano Shrimp are fairly easy to maintain and care for.

Amano Shrimp are surprisingly difficult to breed in captivity. Cherry Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp will naturally breed in the aquarium without need for human intervention. Amano Shrimp on the other hand prove extremely difficult in raising the young past larvae stage of development. Amano Shrimp also require brackish (salty) water for breeding. This guide goes into fine details of breeding and increasing chances of Amano Shrimp fry survival.

Naturally their difficulty in captivity breeding increases pricing. Amano Shrimp are generally more expensive than other varieties of invertebrates. A very high percentage of Amano Shrimp in the aquarium hobby are wild caught. They have a life span of 2-3 years in captivity. Care needs to be taken introducing them to the aquarium. Amano Shrimp are very sensitive to water quality changes because they are wild caught and less tolerant to captivity.

Amano Shrimp are effective algae eaters and aquarium cleaners. They are so popular due to their ability to eat BBA, GSA, Clado, String Algae and many other algae types. In large numbers they can tackle even the most algae ridden aquarium. Siamese Algae Eaters and other fish pose more bioload on the aquarium and are pickier than Amano Shrimp. For this reason Amano Shrimp are one of, and if not the most effective algae eaters in the hobby.

Temperature ~75°F

pH ~7.2 | Hardness 8.0 dkh

Nitrite 0ppm

Ammonia 0ppm

Nitrate >20ppm

Water Changes >30%

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