A Guide to making serious $$$ with CRS shrimp


making money with crystal red shrimp crs

Money making schemes can be extremely successful if properly executed, this does not have to be a large scale opperation, even those with small tanks will be able to turn over large sums of money. Wouldnt it be great to enjoy the hobby and bring in a small bonus?

You may be asking HOW?? Well CRS shrimp are rare and exotic creatures, they command medium to extremely high prices depending on their grade. Breeding the shrimp is not a long nor difficult process, they will readily spawn around once a month, if you have multiple females this can mean a lot of young baby shrimp!.

Before attempting this money-guide make sure you have a composite knowledge of CRS, check out A GUIDE TO CRS for more information on Crystal Red Shrimp. This will supply you with the basic knowledge and understanding to send you on your way.

To make money with the crs, it is necessary to successfully breed them. Do not be afraid of the high price tags they command, because they will sell for the same price. In this way it is very hard to lose money. If I bought ten A grade crystal red shrimp at this instant from a breeder and left them in my tank for a week, I could sell them back for the price I bought them on the same market due to their high demand. As long as you are sensible in having the right water qualities and you make sure not to overfeed them, it is hard to go wrong.

Breeding the Shrimp

Grading and Sorting Young

Over time