Photograph the Aquarium


Taking photos of the aquarium and it's inhabitants can be difficult and frustrating. Aquarium lighting, glass and coloration make it extremely challenging to take a realistic, focused picture that represents the correct color and lighting we see from the human eye. Over exposures, under saturation and blurred photographs are the most common frustrations. Taking beautiful pictures of the aquarium is not as hard as first led to believe. With patience, practice and adjustment of the necessary settings it will become easier over time.

Professional camera equipment is not needed to take realistic aquarium photographs. The iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 and HTC M9 are all phones equipped with stunning cameras & processing software. Point and shoot cameras have also come a long way and are more than sufficient when photographing the aquarium. DSLR cameras can and do help to take better photos, however the key to a good aquarium photo is not in the camera but in the editing and lighting.

When photographing fish specifically, developing a picture that is not blurred is extremely difficult. Using a flash to help facilitate and brighter and faster photograph will aid in giving a still photograph of the fish but at the expense of teh reflection in the photograph. On the other hand, not using the flash will often result in the fish being blurred and not sharp. Below are some pointers that will hopefully set you on your way to taking some great photographs.

Camera Equipment needed

  • Camera (DSLR, Point & shoot or phone)
  • Clear Tape
  • Lamps, flashlights, external lights
  • A3 paper sheets or white cloth
  • Tripod
  • Dark room & dark clothes

Photographing the Entire Aquascape

Photographs with Flash

Taking Photos without a Flash