Crystal Red Shrimp


Crystal Red Shrimp also known as CRS are a rare and unusual shrimp easily identified by their unique red and white striped markings. The CRS reportedly came to be from a single mutation involving the black bumble bee shrimp in Japan.

Years of inbreeding have resulted in a very fragile but beautiful strain of shrimp that has been cultured through generations. Crystal Red shrimp require near perfect water quality to thrive and reproduce.

crystal red shrimp

They are not a good choice as a beginner shrimp due to their initial cost and constant demand. However knowledge is the key. This guide will equip the hobbyist with basic to tackle keeping and breeding CRS. Beginners who do not have the knowledge and attempt to keep Crystal Red shrimp end up in strife due to poor planning and implementation.

The high market prices CRS command reflect their fragile nature and the difficulty in breeding. They are harder to source from LFS than most other shrimp species. They can be sourced from other hobbyists although it is always recommended to personally pick out active and optimal colored shrimp in person.

Temperature ~74°F

pH ~6.8 | Hardness 7.0

Nitrite 0ppm

Ammonia 0ppm

Nitrate >20ppm

Water Changes >30%

Adding the Crystal Red Shrimp

Feeding Crystal Red Shrimp

Dangers of CRS in the Planted Aquarium

Tank mates & Compatibility

Grading Crystal Red Shrimp

crs how to grade white

Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp