Planting Your Aquarium


Planting the aquarium is an important part of a planted aquarium. Before planting can begin a small amount of planning can go a long way. A few hours spent planning making sure that you know where each plant is going to go and what your expectations are after a few months of growth will save hours of headache.

stem plants in aquarium

During this planning stage factor in the addition of interesting rocks and driftwood which can give your aquarium a very natural tone. Consistent use of one type of rock or driftwood in the tank yields the most aesthetically pleasing results. Plan with foresight and structure your hardscape to suit an aquarium with a few months of growth.

If you have bought your plants and the tank is ready, it’s time to plant! This is an important part which will take some time and could be frustrating, make sure you give yourself at least a few hours uninterrupted.

Stem Plants

rotala stem plant in aquarium

Anubais and Java Fern

schooling fish in planted aquarium

Crypts/potted plants


christmas moss in aquarium

Hair grass

Blyxa Japonica

Brief Tips

Congratulations! After the initial planting process you have a barebones planted aquarium that will soon grow and mature. Be sure to read this article on trimming and maitenance to properly maintain your aquarium as it goes through the different stages of development.

For a more challenging but rewarding topic continue to a guide on aquascaping that explores integrating the principles of design and nature into your aquarium.