Editing Aquarium Photographs


Editing photos is a very popular method of color correction and enhancement. It is particularly important with aquarium photos due to unusual coloration and lighting that can be picked up from the camera sensor. DSLR Raw photos also need to be processed before they can be used. There are a number of free and paid programs that enable the user to change contrast, brightness, shadows, saturation and color balances. Editing your photos can make a huge difference in what the end result looks like, it is nice to have the photos replicate what we see with our own eyes and not what the camera perceives. It is also helpful improving the color and definition making for spectacular photographs that can be entered in competitions.

Editing software is necessary to color correct and adjust photos. There are countless free examples on the web. Many of these, such as Fotor, do not need the user to download a program and can be used directly in the browser. For more complex editing a serious photographer will want to have access to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or both. Microsoft computers have an inbuilt photo editor that can achieve decent results.

Cropping and Straightening

Brightness & Saturation

Shadows & Sharpening